Wednesday, 9 February 2011

AUTISM EYE - New UK magazine for parents and carers of children with ASD

A brand new magazine written by and for parents of children who have autism is here!

Autism Eye ( is published in the UK and is packed full of information and new research. The publishers have done a fabulous job of bringing valuable local information into one publication. Autism Eye is published quarterly and the very first issue is expected this month.

I like the look of this magazine and it's approach.  It's about time that we had a magazine that was both balanced and informative regarding autism. I wish the publishers the very best of luck and look forward to my first copy.

Have your say on DLA - Last Chance to Respond to Consultation 14 February 2011

It seems Northern Ireland isn't too worried about the potential havoc the new proposed changes to DLA will bring. I have visited various charities including AutismNI/AutismUlster/PAL and there is no mention of these very important changes taking place (AutismNI too busy lobbying for a useless autism bill).

Carer's UK, however,  are urging the public to voice their opinion now before it's too late.

Have your say on DLA! Last chance to respond to consultation
We need your help!

The Government has announced proposals for the biggest changes to disability benefits since the creation of Disability Living Allowance and there are only days left to make sure carers' voices are heard in the consultation.

Can you spare five minutes to respond to the consultation? All you need to do is:
Why we need your help:The Government plan to replace Disability Living Allowance with a new Personal Independence Payment, with a new application process including 'independent medical assessment'. In addition, the Government plans to cut £1 billion from the Disability Living Allowance budget, which could lead to hundreds of thousands of disabled people seeing their benefits reduced or removed. Carers UK is deeply concerned that the knock-on impacts on carers have not been considered and we are also worried that the future of Carer's Allowance remains unclear.

The Government's consultation on the DLA proposals closes on Monday 14 February and we need to make sure that carers voices are heard loud and clear. We will submit a full response to the consultation making it very clear to the Government what carers need, but our response will only be counted once and we need lots of carers and carers groups to respond as well.

Best wishes,

Imelda Redmond CBE
Chief Executive, Carers UK
  • Copy our five key points into your email.
  • Write a few sentences about your caring responsibilities or the carers you represent as a group.
  • Send it to the Government and your MP!
Visit our website for these key steps and who to email. more...

Monday, 7 February 2011

Autism Speaks, so Shut Up

Much has been written about the charity 'Autism Speaks'

The youtube video below sums up what many are thinking and the video speaks for itself

The video could also be describing any number of autism charities, and the big question is, where is all the money going?