Sunday, 15 March 2009

Autism in Northern Ireland

A lot needs to be said and done about autism in Northern Ireland. The problems that individuals with autism face here can be attributed to a system that is not working, and never could work.

Northern Ireland is experiencing severe intransigence and ignorance regarding autism despite millions of pounds being thrown around and compared to the rest of the United Kingdom, it's a poor cousin.

Constructive criticism of all issues surrounding autism in Northern Ireland is well overdue as is the need to shuffle off the incestuous relationships that have evolved between those providing services, namely voluntary/charity organisations and the government.

Government money (yours) has been provided to charities for years but I do not see the effect of that money. What I do see is large charities with lots of staff, lots of bluff and children and families as desperate as they were 20 years ago, for services, information and understanding.

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