Monday, 2 April 2012

World AUTISM Day in Northern Ireland

Light it up blue,  have a cake sale, run a marathon, fly some balloons - Yippeee - it's 2 April 2012 and it's the fifth World Autism Day.

Seeing as we can't 'cure' it, we can celebrate it instead right? Give up, give in and just have a party and make sure you give lots and lots of money to charities - this day is for them to raise funds, more than it could ever be for you or your child.

And remember for all the folks who live in Northern Ireland,  we now have the Autism Act  - what an exciting Autism Day 2012 it is. Let's see how long it will take for it to ever be invoked - I suspect maybe 2025?

For those of you who want to make your views known about the Autism Act,  you now have a chance, ( until Friday 20th April 2012 )  Just open the link below. Your comments in the form must not exceed 1000 characters, so be succinct)

Be mindful that this ACT may well force society to despise us and our children.  I would  urge parents whose children have other disabilities to fill in the questionnaire too and ask that an Act is created to help your own child.

Let's see if anyone in Northern Ireland today talks about more research funding, (is there ANY research coming out of Northern Ireland except the Roy McConkey/Arlene Cassidy fluff from UU, or the Rosie Burrows piece  funded by Autism NI about how we parents are traumatised and need more sympathy? ) Sorry, can't bring myself to offer you links to these pieces of fatuous and gratuitous bunkum. 

How and when will our children receive co-ordinated services, evidence based practices in schools and the help they need to continue their education and to find employment and to eventually have a full and joyful adult life?

So, go ahead and plaster your child's face all over an autism charity's poster, use your child's image to make them some more money. Meanwhile, when was the last time you were employed? Did you give up work altogether to care for your autistic child(ren)? 

Tomorrow is 3 April 2012. Charities today might be 'lighting it up blue' for autism,  but thousands of families tomorrow, will still feel 'black' and blue, cut and bruised from fighting for their children's future. Their children know about black and blue as well seeing as over half of them continue to be bullied see here and here.

Be sure to ask your local charity to use the money they received today wisely - you know, the money they obtained off the back of your child's diagnosis?  Alternatively, fly your balloons, eat your cakes, run your marathons and continue to give give give to others who pretend to speak for you and your children.

p.s. Does World Autism Day apply to France?   Sign the petition in the link below to stop the abuse of autistic children there.  stop the torture

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