Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Where's Wally? - "Spot the Autistic"

Autism NI/PAPA , a Northern Ireland based autism charity have outdone themselves on this International Day of Persons with Disabilities by winning the booby prize for best stereotyping of autism as well as pissing off the entire autistic population of the world and their families.

Can you "spot" the autistic?
Autism NI/PAPA can help with that
(see below) 

He's the billy no mates, dressed in grey, with his gaze focused on the ground.
He doesn't need a phone because he has no friends and he's no one to ring anyway. He doesn't need a watch, because he's doesn't need to be anywhere soon.  He doesn't need sunglasses because he never goes outside (notice the pale complexion)

So, buy your autistic loved one, a colourful shirt, a mobile phone and sunglasses, get his hair styled and Voila!  No more autism!


         Non Autistics                                             Autistics

...are young vacuous males                             look like anyone else
...can afford to use                                                  
   Tom Cruise's dentist                                              
   and hairdresser

...are extras from "Glee"                                         
                                                         in California                                                  
   and like bright colours                                                                            

The first ever "Spot the Autistic" Pageant will be held in Belfast on 
World Autism Day (2 April 2015)

1st prize:  Dinner with Tom Cruise & Dustin Hoffman followed by an
                 autism friendly private viewing of Rain Man

2nd prize: Spot the Autistic App for mobile devices

3rd prize:  3D X-Ray autism detection glasses

If you wish to contact AutismNI/PAPA charity yourself, to advise them that you have spotted an autistic, please alert them immediately at they have an emergency fashion makeover team anticipating your call.

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Is this for real? Seriously? Wow oh wow....